I am Claude Tranchant. Follow me on my walking adventures with my two books

I am Claude Tranchant. Follow me on my walking adventures with my two books
Boots to Bliss
Boots to Freedom

My name is Claude Tranchant.

In 2010, at the age of 64, I walked, alone, for 100 days on Saint-James’ Way, commonly known in Spain as the Camino, from Vezelay, Northern Central France, to Muxia in Galicia – Spain. On my return to Australia, I could not fit into our world anymore. After soul-searching and with the kind and wise words of a friend, I wrote Boots to Bliss.
Boots to Bliss has sold over 4000 copies and has been nominated as one of the six books to read to inspire anyone who wishes to walk the Camino alongside the books of Paulo Coelho, Shirley MacLaine, Marcia Shaver and others.
After my first long-distance pilgrimage, I yearned for more trekking. Between 2016 and 2018, in my seventies, I walked various treks, each time with a group - in Australia, in Nepal, and in Spain for the second time, The Camino Frances, with the group “Camino Skies” for a filmed documentary, as well as alone in Spain and Portugal.
During these treks, I discovered that some of the ups and downs of my past life had not been completely resolved, though I thought I had in 2010.
After the publication of Boots to Bliss, I received so many beautiful and inspiring comments from my readers and realised that I could help others in different ways, one of them was through my writing. Therefore I embarked on writing my second book: Boots to Freedom.
I have learnt that in this world of fears we need to turn our greatest challenges into our greatest strengths. Negative thoughts take us along the wrong path.
My life since my early childhood has not been an easy one, but I am grateful for my experiences so I can now help others.
I wish you well and I hope I can take you on my journeys around the world through my writing.