I am Claude Tranchant. Follow me on my walking adventures with my two books

I am Claude Tranchant. Follow me on my walking adventures with my two books
Boots to Bliss
Boots to Freedom

Boots to Bliss

by Claude Tranchant

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'I lived 100 days to the rhythm of my footsteps'

On my 64th birthday, I started a journey from Vezelay in the Burgundy region, France and I put my feet for the first time on the medieval path of saint James – 'The Way'. I crossed France, I went over the pyrenees, through northern part of Spain along the Camino Frances as far as Santiago de Compostela. From there, I kept on walking and I finished at Muxia in the north-west of Galicia (Spain). I covered 2500 kilometres, alone, over 100 days and I was known along 'The Way' as 'Claude the Australian'.

Well, Well, Well! What a Journey! What a book! it is such a privilege to read your story about your journey along the Saint James' Way........ you described in your book your journey so vividly that I could picture it so well in my mind and I did walk along side of you each step of the way.......you are a very unique and rare person, your inner strength, determination and self-belief is something to marvel at and admire. It is really a book written from the heart. What a legacy to leave behind for your family.....!


I loved your journey. Although I loved the areas you travelled through, your personal journey continues to win me over.........What a marvellous journey, you embarked upon... you have touched so many people... a truly amazing story!

T. Madden

I started reading Boots to Bliss on 26th December and finished on the 28th December. This is, I think, testament to how much I enjoyed it... It is a charming book. I loved the way the author interspersed the physical journey with her spiritual journey, the descriptions of the landscape, the historical details and the way she foreshadowed the difficulties to come. Claude Tranchant has combined these elements brilliantly. Boots to Bliss deserves a very wide readership... Congratulations on a really inspirational book.

R. Collins

By reading, Boots to Bliss, I hope you will be inspired, and that you will want to walk and discover this majestic path. You will realise you are never too old to fulfil a dream. You will learn the same way I did, about its historical facts and anecdotes, the towns and villages I crossed in France and Spain, and the unbelievable encounters I had with people.
You will learn about my inner thoughts, my self-discovery, my internal growth and how I was empowered. I met many pilgrims and I became their 'listening ear'. When I returned I was a free, strong and determined human being. I had learnt a lot about the human spirit and the power of being and to live in the moment.
The world is getting smaller and smaller, as man has discovered nearly everything except himself and life with its merry-go-round does not give us a lot of chances to stop and think. The Way of Saint James can be a way to help us to re-discover who we really are.
My wish is that my book will flow the same way as my journey on The Way of Saint James and that it will touch hearts, even if it touches only one heart, my mission will have been fulfilled.